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My goal is to create a body of work which is striking yet soothing, pleasant, beautiful and peaceful. When observing various forms of art and artistic representations, we bring our own experiences to the subject matter. As a singular participant in this process, our personal life experiences afford us the opportunity to venture down this interpretative path. These paintings are original interpretations presenting reflections with glass which is affected by different colors, intensities and placement of light sources.

Although I trained in the style of the Old Masters, these marble paintings are part of a series worked in glass and acrylics. My intention is to design something fascinating and inspire internal reflection. We all need to take time from our busy lives to release stress and contemplate beauty around and within us. When the glass marbles are illuminated by light sources, they glow and ¬†are playful, yet visually soothing and may cause one to meditate on their reflections. I want to enable others to ultimately enjoy a peaceful “Zen” moment.